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All FAR provision and clause numbers begin with “52.2,” since the text of all FAR provisions and clauses appear in .

(a) The FAR accommodates a major variation in a provision or clause by use of an alternate.

(4) The FAR matrix may be reproduced at agency levels, and at subordinate levels, for the purpose of supplementing it with agency-developed provisions and clauses.

The resulting consolidated matrices may be included in agency acquisition regulations. Since they are subject to revision from time to time, all provisions, clauses, and alternates are dated; e.g., (Dec 1983).

); (ii) The section of the Uniform Contract Format (UCF) in which it is to be located, if it is used in an acquisition that is subject to the UCF; (iii) Its number; (iv) The citation of the FAR text that prescribes its use; and (v) Its title.

(3) Since the matrix does not provide sufficient information to determine the applicability of a provision or clause in the “required-when-applicable” and “optional” categories, contracting officers shall refer to the FAR text (cited in the matrix) that prescribes its use.

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