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Without substantial information, we decided that rumors weren’t enough for this post, so we went digging for more.Braun’s girlfriend was referenced by many news sites, when his girlfriend attended the press conference following his contract extension through 2020.Here’s what we have pieced together: There are rumors that began last offseason that Ryan Braun is dating Larisa Fraser, who is a Miami based model (Braun went to college at Miami).Fraser also runs a beauty blog called Bikini Sweetie.Building on the pioneering work of Eve Levin, Laura Engelstein, and Simon Karlinsky, Healey fills in significant gaps in Russian history on homosexuality, while simultaneously enriching a queer studies discipline that rarely considers Russia.Draitser's latest journey into the complex world of Russian humor delves further into the jokelore of both urban and rural Russia, to problematize male-oriented sexual humor that is mildly sexist at best, blatantly misogynist at worst.Constructed as a sport of excessive violence and hooliganism at home, hockey also served as a site of Soviet prestige internationally during the Cold War.This project analyzes discourses on violent masculinities, a Nordic form of Soviet nationalism, and the militarized rituals of sport as both a Cold War battlefield and a site of (masculinized) cultural exchange.

Braun responded respectfully, but again admitted to having a girlfriend.In March 1953, only weeks after Joseph Stalin's death, interim Soviet leaders granted a wide-reaching amnesty to Gulag prisoners.Miriam Dobson has taken this momentous event, and the subsequent waves of releases in the next few years, and crafted an engaging, rigorous, and important study of Soviet legal categories, cultural anxieties, and ultimately the search for new (or old) revolutionary principles after Stalin.This article investigates physicist subjectivity as a masculinity issue.Influenced by Connell's models of subordinated, complicit, and hegemonic masculinity, the article finds that the stories nuclear physicists tell about their research in the 1950s are inconsistent and shifting, the narrators simultaneously remembering unfreedom and privilege.

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