Energy detective not updating

You can then view real-time data on the wireless display or via a computer and/or smartphone.Use the optional wireless handheld display (available with all "C-model" units) to instantly discover phantom loads, check usage of individual appliances, and see the difference turning a switch on/off really makes.Want to have an accurate estimate of what your electricity bill will be this month?TED's intuitive Utility Setup Wizard allows you to enter your own utility rate structure, resulting in a very accurate bill projection.Receive instant email/text message alerts with TED Advisor.Simply set your customized parameter(s) in TED's Footprints Software and receive alerts as often as you'd like!Want to view electricity data for a vacation home, or while you're on the go?

Use TED's interactive Footprints Software (embedded in all TED units) to chart and graph usage, view historical data and trends, set up TED Advisor text messaging/e-mail alerts, enter local utility-rate information, and create load profiles for individual appliances. Use one of TED's third-party apps to view real-time electricity data remotely.TEDisplay works with your TED 5000 to monitor energy usage directly on your phone.TEDisplay supports multi-MTU configurations with access to just about every data value available from the TED 5000.You can monitor your home and or business energy usage while-on-the-go or the help figure out about how much that new appliance you turned on uses in energy!is a free mobile application for the i Phone that provides current Power and Cost, as well as average power and cost for the billing cycle.

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