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By appearing in films with actors such as Rob Loew and Anthony Michael Hall, Jenny was put in the ' Brat Pack' category.

It was something she found to be uncomfortable, and wanted to shake off.

There, she immediately captured the attention of modeling and casting agents.

At the age of 16, Jenny modeled for artists Antonio Lopez and Salvador Dalí.

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I've also written 76,556 words to complete the first draft of Irving 3. For the past six months, rookie world mage Randall Flood has been hunting down and capturing anything that stinks of magic and stashing it within the pages of a spellbook named Chuck.But is there more to his breakneck missions than meets the eye?Jenny then arrived in London for "Pink Floyd: The Wall", where she played an abused groupie.She then quickly followed up with four months in Utah for the TV documentary/drama, "The Executioner's Song," which proved to be a more substantial role.

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