Emo dating games for girls dating a former cocaine addict

"We actually were caught in a pretty gnarly blizzard.

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Because my "style" has changed so much from childhood to my early '20s, I've seen a lot of mixed reactions from both acquaintances and passersby to all of my different looks, be they punk girl, tomboy or anything in between.

Initially, my plan was to spend a full day dressed up in each look to note people's reactions in person, but I realized that the area of Britain in which I now live is extremely alternative and accepting — the total opposite of the highly Republican New Jersey town where I grew up.

So instead, I took to the World Wide Web, creating a dating profile for myself on Ok Cupid.

Because, you know, sometimes it's the people closest to you who have the strongest (and in some cases, most striking) reactions.

I wanted to revisit the goth/semi-emo look because it was my experiences with this style that led me to thinking about humanity's biases when it comes to aesthetics and fashion.

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