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Things are pretty similar to other FKK’s when you go inside you will get a key for the lockers and then you can use the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, pool, a Turkish bath and take a shower.

There is a large open lounge on the main floor called the living room where most of the girls will hang out.

As usual most of the girls at FKK Living Room will be of Eastern European descent.

Depending on what you were hoping for it might cost between 25 and 100 euros extra, and some girls may not be up for any kinky stuff.

During the day there probably won’t be too many around maybe 10 to 20, but as it gets later into the night and more customers show up that will change.

If a request is accepted by a female user, the pair then have the opportunity to negotiate a bit on pricing and time before settling to meet offline.

After hearing this explanation, I admit I somehow accidentally referred to Ohlala as an escort service at which point Poppenreiter reminded me that her company has never referred to itself as such and, moreover, that she would more accurately classify it as a dating app with a payment mechanism built into it.

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