Double standards in dating

Male B: Double standards are wrong but they will always exist no matter what rallies are formed or what bills are signed. People can't live anymore without fear of a label being put on them, even though the opposite sex can do the same thing without fear.

Male D: Double standards, although a negative component of society, are inevitably impossible to avoid.

Male A: Probably having a girlfriend that isn’t allowed to talk to guys when he’s allowed to have female friends.

Male B: "All men are ass holes."Male C: I feel my gender gets hit with the opinion that we're all dogs and only hurt girls.

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Female B: There's a HUGE double standard when it comes to the workplace.

For this reason I can understand how it seem women are the ones mostly targeted through double standards however I do not agree.

I believe both genders are effected equally and that it is just society’s pre-established double standards that prevent the acknowledgement of this.

Female B: I definitely feel as though women are targeted more when it comes to gender double standards.

Men are always viewed as the bread winners, the ones who have everything under control. Female C: Both genders I believe are equally targeted.

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