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I was considering the purchase of a reliable pre-paid CC/Visa & came across the Vanilla Visa that this thread recommends, so I researched it & just wanted to give my opinion on my findings as they are not good at all. You start off as a new user with 1 karma and gradually over time you will start to earn karma.

The second way is if you don't see the toolbar, don't worry its not too hard, you just need to enter a bit of extra text.

For example, if you have the i Phone 3GS and you're trying to restore to a If you have some cash but no credit or debit card, you can buy a prepaid general-purpose gift card and link it to a Pay Pal Payments account.

Then use your Pay Pal account to purchase products in Cydia.

Now you need to put it on here so there's 2 ways to do it.

One of them is using the toolbar, and the other is doing a bit of typing.

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