Difference between dating and hanging out

10 major differences between a date and “hanging out” A date: He’s shaved, styled his hair, and is wearing clothes that fit A hangout: Slippers, singlets, and a five o’clock shave, baby Would you show up to a date wearing yoga pants and a hoodie? If he makes more effort with his appearance while seeing you than he does on any other day, then you’ll know he’s trying to make an impression.

10 major differences between a date and “hanging out” A date: He’s visibly nervous A hangout: He’s a little TOO relaxed A guy will make ten times the usual effort on a date.

Or worse, to come prepared for a romantic evening only to realise that your date had completely misread your intentions.

Here’s how to tell whether you’re on a date or whether you’re just hanging out.

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A hangout: He’ll be burping and farting all night long Okay, okay, maybe not burping and farting per se, but when hanging out, he’ll treat you more like a “bro” or his sister than as a romantic prospect.

We saw it happen on the last week, when Nicole Kidman revealed that she and Jimmy Fallon’s first meeting a decade earlier had actually been a romantic setup by their mutual friend.

And poor, unknowing Jimmy had worn sweatpants, played video games, and had served her corn chips the entire afternoon.

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