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With some projects as big as they are these days, chances are you were part of a bigger picture.It’s important to give a clean indication of your involvement in a project.A couple of portfolios we’ve seen we thought were built in Flash there was so much animation going on.Animations are a great way to add polish to your site, just make sure people aren’t waiting too long for the animations to see your work.

In the world of retina devices its surprising how much a retina showcase can help improve the interpretation of a portfolio also.Using this as a starting point I was interested to see what objects we would now use to find a date.It works by the user uploading 5 images of objects that would represent them on the website.Over the last few months the we’ve seen quite a few portfolios come through Availo.With this in mind we thought it would be a good idea to write down a few points that make a portfolio stand out for us.

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