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The United States is the world’s biggest producer of biofuels, derived mostly from corn.

“Several questions have arisen on even the emissions implication of that route, and the fact that this has clearly raised prices of corn,” said Mr.

It is hurting the poor rural farmers who have not seen the benefits of biofuel production and have not been able to adapt their production to cash in on the boom.

Small rural farmers lack the means and resources to extend their lands and adapt to new crops.

Annual Sustainability Conference: Globe Forum The Globe Forum 2008 business conference will be held on May 7-8, 2008 in Stockholm.

This year’s theme: Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth.

“An increasing number of MBA students hope to find a career that blends business acumen with positive contributions to society and the environment,” said Karin Cooke, Net Impact’s Career Program Director.

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The platform creates business opportunities, develops clear strategies and helps connect multinational service providers, growing companies and brilliant minds.We’re guessing that will be the thrust of Gore’s presidential campaign as well – if indeed he runs.Biofuels Boom Raises Environmental Concerns A recent UN Report states that the biofuels boom is hurting poor consumers in Asia by driving up crop prices.A survey conducted by Net Impact in 2006 of MBA student opinions on the relationship between business and social and environmental issues found growing interest in CSR jobs.About 80% of students surveyed wanted to find CSR jobs; 60% said they were interested in finding them jobs right after graduating.

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