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But while the housewife did not lose the appearance of the New Woman studying.

Youngok is more important to study than the one which I have things to eat during the marriage regained her identity, eventually showing the appearance of the New Woman practice to declare the divorce her husband put an end to the marriage without affection.

The reason she was not able to live without her absolute faith called 'female' that 'consciousness' can not but marriage in 'love'.

By Masako through a blind faith in 'the faith of love' will exert superhuman, recall fulfilled all her work, housework, child care and the female virtues for her husband.

Tomie began a career as a playwright that can realize their longer away from the authoritarian school, Yuko is because she decided her will against the female gender.

But Tomie and Yuko senses the mood of the society about the challenge that the New Woman not composition.

In the presence of immature among children 'girl', others again the women were doubly angry to neutralize its existence.This study has investigated compared to modern Korea and Japan’s first female writer Meongsoon Kim and Toshiko Tamura' literature they can be represented by the modern female writer in two countries, to overcome the limitations of traditional female literary studies and the Korea of the modern women literature research saying I want to influences relationships in Japan, appearing in works of modern Korea and Japan were to present the ‘image of women’.The first phase to be identified through the work of women comparative study of Meongsoon Kim and Toshiko Tamura is 'immature girl' and 'female resignation'.But that was not to be maintained consistently in every phase of these women work.Because 'superwoman' to remind that 'women studying' each being found in the works of Meongsoon Kim and Toshiko Tamura.

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