Dating site for handicapped in europe

Kramer starts to walk out, Jerry grabs him by the shirttail and drags him back.

Kramer: Jerry, it's vastly superior to any commercial shaving cream.

I don't want to hear how interesting the change with the hole in it is!

Elaine (to flight attendant): Hey, you gonna bust out that drink cart or what?

Kramer takes the bread and eats it as he walks out of Jerry's apartment.

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Jerry (looking at Kramer's moustache): Uh, we're not doing that anymore.

(walks out) Kramer puts some aftershave on his lip.

Kramer: Don't tell me she's dragging another poor guy across Europe.

Thomassoulo: I don't want you to think that anyone's gonna treat you any differently just because of your, uh, handicap.

Thomassoulo: Of course you will have your own private, fully equipped bathroom.

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