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Getting laid is a numbers game and to successfully play this game, you need to connect with as many horny females as you can.

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“Why hope for financial aid when you can guarantee it with a sugar daddy? “Student loans lead to endless debt, which amounts to more than a new graduate can handle.

‘Sugar scholarships’ provide real solutions to the problem of student debts.” Peppered around the site are advertisements about how this is the gateway to female independence.

► Are you intimidated by talking to pretty girls and asking for dates?► Would you like to experiment with more sex partners? ► Are you sick and tired of getting hurt from being in bad relationships?► Do you want to find beautiful girls for no strings attached casual sex? ► Would you rather fuck real live girls than masturbate alone?She has made a commitment to only date men who will help her to achieve her goals.” Young women often rationalize their participation as one of brass tacks. Why not add cash — or the rent — into the equation? .” Betraying her own rationalizations, though, she admits that she takes more security precautions when she’s out with a potential daddy than if it were a “regular” date. In the sign-up process, users check a box to signal compliance with the site’s disclaimer prohibiting “anyone from promoting illegal activities (such as prostitution) or commercial activities of any kind in their profile or in messages sent on the site.” Such conduct, it says, can lead to removal from the website or a permanent ban.That the money usually changes hands through Pay Pal, and not an envelope on the dresser, helps reinforce the illusion that this isn’t tit for tat. (There are other cautions about sending money by Western Union, receiving bad checks and “any messages involving Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia and wiring money.”) I used a real photo of myself and real biographical details in my profile — omitting that I am a writer but including other real pursuits. After seeing official site figures that the average daddy spending per year is only ,200 (down from ,772 in 2007), I downgraded my income requirements to Moderate (,000 to ,000 monthly). The first message came from a graying theater artist who’d learned the ropes of financial investing after inheriting family money in the ’90s.

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