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Sorry for the misunderstanding.badkitty Still on the 'stats' thing, eh?Like I said, I agree that this is a relatively small part of the folks on welfare, but it is what the thread is about, so the actual percentage doesn't matter.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I walked past a hair salon today, looked inside and saw some guy with curlers in his hair and his head under a dryer. The only action my hair gets is shaving in the showers every morning, so maybe i am not up on everything.But where you say it is a short leap from my proposal to that program I say it is not.Enforced birth control for a period of time is light-years away from shooting children on the sidewalks or getting into the inferior/superior race discussion.

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I understand your concern about eugenics, and I share it.I realize this is a touchy subject (and should be), but I was watching a show the other night about grandmothers raising their grandchildren and it mentioned a woman on welfare who was having her 6th child, and who was going to hand it over to her mother to raise as with the other five.We see this all the time, welfare/SS moms who just keep popping out kids, isn't it time we do something about this?I don't absolve men of their responsibility here, but we might could actually do something about the women.Don't they have birth control that lasts for months and is inserted just under the skin?

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