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Because of this, we must remain diligent and be ever on the lookout for the next worst thing that could fall into the hands of our children. Please note: You can turn location services, or GPS, off on cell phones by going in to the device settings. Those who hold back their kids tend to (most times) regret it, once their children leave the house they "loose their minds" and do things their parents have never dreamed of ... I wanted to thank all the teenagers that responded to this post and all the wonderful answers. I have always felt that I do my best to trust them unless they give me reason not to trust. I have always done the best to raise them with the knowledge and instill skills with how to handle themselves in various situations.

This will keep the Apps and photos from posting the exact location or whereabouts of the phone user., has been in technology for medical facilities since early 2000 and has been practicing for more than 20 years with his start in the United States Air Force. How many of the kids who have hurt other kids, in schools came from a honest working family. In conclusion I just want to say that it isn't the apps fault, those people who created it only did it to make money ... And to know they can always just ask if they need help or advice.

The App allows kids to send private messages that their parents can’t see.

You post anonymously, but it displays the area you are posting from.

You can search for users posting within a mile from you.

This app also allows users to identify themselves by a made up username, posing the dangers of anonymity.

To make matters even scarier, third party websites allow users to search for people based on things like age and gender.

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