Dating procedure recession

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In his paper "Interpreting the Causes of the Great Recession of 2008", Joseph E.

The economy may have slumped, but what about dating? If your date seems like a genuinely motivated person who is between jobs at the moment then that is probably what they are.

Is there really such a thing as recession dating procedure? Gone are the days of impressing your hot date with your platinum credit card and a bottle of Cristal. Read on for some dating tips to ensure you have the right balance on those first few dates. Show your date that you are interested in other things besides his Platinum credit card and sports car. Can you have fun outside a department store or fancy restaurant? (Your date, for one.) Tightening the belt does not mean you have to become as negative as your bank balance. Do not nip a potential romance in the bud just because they are unemployed.

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Per the International Monetary Fund's Annual Report of 2009, the Great Recession is said to be the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression (International Monetary Fund Annual Report, 2009).

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