Dating numbers game

I haven't asked a woman out in like...probably since last semester actually.

It would be creepy if I asked a woman out because of who I am so I..don't.

The more people you socialize with, the more potential friends you'll find, but you needn't spend time chasing down friends who you don't acutally want as friends.

Where do you find people who will find you physically attractive? I made it through the first 20 years of my life with no more than a handful of single-date encounters with guys who seemed to think I'm a cool person who's attractive I mean, you could treat it as a numbers game.

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And I even told my therapist this and he says its not as important as some other things... That's a silly reason to do it, and that bet was really degrading.Every person you meet is another who could potentially be compatible with you, physically attractive/attracted to you, etc.You can meet these people at parties, bars, classes, though friends, whatever. However, in terms of the ones who you actually and put effort into getting to know beyond the casual and/or platonic level, it becomes much more about quality over quantity.You need to work on whatever is making you unhappy and uncomfortable first, and to concentrate on yourself.Most people won't be interested in a relationship where they have to carry so much of the other person's weight.

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