Dating my boos block

Enterprising businessman Adelbert Gravenhorst joined the Boos family to incorporate in 1892, and ownership and management has been controlled by the Gravenhorst family for five generations since.After the US entered WWII, JB&C thrust itself into the war efforts, fulfilling demands for food service tables, worktables and tabletops to support American troops overseas.

Dear Stanley, I've been an assistant for a long time, working for a very nice woman who has become quite dependent on me. I also worry that she'll see me as being disloyal for wanting to leave my support position. Born to Fly Dear Flexible Flyer, Go for it, by all means. You've done it well, and now you're ready for a promotion. With recycling programs in place for raw materials and scrap (even the sawdust is recycled to heat JB&C kilns! This handsome and extremely durable American black walnut edge-grain cutting board is reversible and features hand grips on its sides for easy removal from the counter. The size still works with limited counter space as I can pile up cut up veggies on a side of the board or use small bowls on it.Kitchen is proud to carry the complete John Boos collection.As an Authorized Dealer of John Boos products for the last 20 years we've come to know a thing or two about quality American-Made products and we're excited to share that knowledge with you.

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