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In 2016, this question expanded to collect the actual country of birth of a person's father.View the data quality statement for Country of birth of father (BPMP) 2011 comparison data is not available for this table.Calculated percentages represent a proportion of all responses from people in Australia (including those who did not state an ancestry).

More information about Census and labour force status is provided in Understanding the Census and Census Data.View the data quality statement for Rent weekly payments (RNTD) The number of households where mortgage repayments were 30% or more of an imputed income measure are expressed in this table as a proportion of the total number of households in an area (including those households which were renting, and excluding the small proportion of visitor only and other non-classifiable households).View the data quality statement for Mortgage monthly repayments (MRED) In Australia, 34.8% of occupied private dwellings had one registered motor vehicle garaged or parked at their address, 36.2% had two registered motor vehicles and 18.1% had three or more registered motor vehicles.To access the hidden content within each section, select the section to display the content, then use arrow keys to navigate down to the expanded content.In the 2016 Census, there were 23,401,892 people in Australia. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 2.8% of the population.

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