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All Crypteks possess a level of genius that makes the finest minds of humanity appear drooling simpletons by comparison.

A Cryptek's power springs from the army of Canoptek Spyders, Wraiths and Canoptek Scarabs under his control, but is mainly acquired from the ignorance of the disinterested Necrontyr nobility, who have no interest in the working of the technology they employ.Ultimately, the only thing that holds the ambitions of a Cryptek in check is another of his kind.Should a retained Cryptek rise too far above his station, a Necron Overlord will attempt to replace him by luring a different, and more tractable, Cryptek away from the service of a rival.As such, it is unlikely for two Crypteks to ever wield quite the same abilities and weapons.Presented here are the five most common Cryptek techno-sorcery disciplines, but by no means are these the only ones, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of such disciplines in use by the different Cryptek Conclaves: Accomplished psychomancers are amongst the most keenly retained of all Crypteks.

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