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"My favorite thing about music is that it tells a story.You can hear the message without having to understand the words. To find music that's cinematic in a way that goes with the words and the message I think is my main goal.So I remember looking at my son after Rich had passed and just wondering to myself, if this was the last year I had with my son, how would I spend it? And that's the reason I stepped down from FLYLEAF." FLYLEAF recruited singer Kristen May as Sturm's replacement and released its fourth album, "Between The Stars", on September 16. " Sturm added: "It was really amazing to recognize this season changing in my life and the freedom that I was gonna be able to focus on my family. Whatever styles they’ve explored - from atmospheric interludes to fast, battering rhythms - their music has been gripping, dynamic and full of melody.

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Even more APOCALYPTICA created their very own genre and laid the foundation to a career that has lasted for over 20 years so far with millions of records sold and sold out shows around the world.

Former FLYLEAF singer Lacey Sturm, who has just released her memoir, "The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living", through Baker Books, has been collaborating with outside writers on material for a possible solo album. We've got over thirty songs that we've written with a couple of our friends that are really cool rock songs. "I got to work with David Hodges, who used to be in EVANESCENCE, on some songs.

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