Dating jane wants dick

It brings sense and success back to the six-letter nightmare called dating.

It’s a parody, it’s an advice book, it’s a quick-read but—most of all—it’s successful. Don’t expect to be bored, by any means, when you read advice such as when to throw a man who eats his own bait (or his mother) back into the swamp from which he slithered! My review: I’m not sure where I sit with this book.

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Synopsis: I mean, really, what’s a Jane gotta do to land a man so she can, finally, kick singlehood to the curb? When the “rules changed” single men became more difficult to understand than ever before.

The answer is, go back to the basics, to the time before the rules changed.

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Despite dealing with the everyday challenges of being on the autism spectrum she takes action to enlists her sister Bianca to help her find her very first boyfriend. The writing deals with a real and increasingly common problem in an unpretentious way, and the acting does the same.

As Jane goes on some very eye-opening first dates, Bianca realizes that, at the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved. I feel that it was both well written and well acted. Because of this, the film is engaging, endearing, and --most importantly-- moving. I grew from this film, and, at the risk of being pretentious myself, I would say that I am a better person because of this film.

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