Dating in dar es salaam

Drive out of the city in the morning for exploring the Amber Fort, popular for its huge ramparts and watchtowers. Visit the Marble Palace, Temple of Victory, and Hall of Mirrors to see excellent examples of ancient Rajput architecture.

Take a tour of the City Palace and Museum, Hawa Mahal (The Palace of the Winds) and Jantar Manter, an 18th century astronomical observatory with a 90-foot sundial.

In the afternoon visit the twin villages of Bungmati Khokana dating back to 6th century, the ancient city of Patan and the Tibetan Handicrafts Centre.

city of Bhadgaon, noted for its wooden carved buildings including the five-storey Nyatapole Pagoda and Golden Gate.

Experience Varanasi, a city steeped in history and mythology located on the banks of River Ganga.Bodhnath is one of the world’s largest stupa and the most important Tibetan Buddhist monument outside Tibet.Changunarayan, a lavishly decorated two-tiered temple dating back to 467 A. Continue on to Nagarkot (7200ft), offering a panoramic view of the mighty Himalayas from Mount Everest in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west. On a clear day you can see Mount Everest from here.Also the Sunset Retreat ceremony at the Wagah Border here is most captivating and worth a watch.Golden Temple, the heart of the Sikh religion and the somber gardens of Jallianwallah Bagh memorial and the Ram Bagh Gardens with the summer palace of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

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