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The former Victoria Secret Angel arrived in Mexico with her 28-year-old rockstar boyfriend Tom Kaulitz on Sunday, according to , published photos of the couple kissing and laying on top of each other as they enjoyed the sunny weather in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Heidi Klum has maintained her supermodel physique despite giving birth to four children.

"She seems to look pretty much the same," one of her male friends commented, "excepting the radically altered bust." When you've got DDDs—and have vowed to go bigger—it's easy to see how one could be, um, distracted. (At Least in Hollywood.) We've grown up on pop culture that screams that everything is a candidate for improvement.

And Heidi is counting on it: when asked if she worries that people will fixate on her breasts, she responded, "They better! We've watched bodies transformed on magazine and wonder how the 47-year-old mother, even before the airbrushing, could possibly look so good.

Meanwhile, their handsome four month old son wore a light blue and dark blue striped t-shirt, grey shorts and adorable little black striped socks.

Montag also shared a photo of her two favorite men on the official day to celebrate love.'Happy Valentine's Day to the loves of my life!

Meanwhile, statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery show that cosmetic-surgery procedures performed on those 18 and younger have nearly doubled over the past decade, while nearly 14 percent of Botox injections are given to those in the 19-to-34 age group, like Heidi.

"I think it's a very interesting time for girls, in that what we all grew up believing—that you have to play the hand you're dealt—is no longer true," screenwriter and director Nora Ephron recently told NEWSWEEK.

In the years since, she's mulled over what to have done next, saving photos of stars like Angelina Jolie and consulting her surgeon more than 20 times.

In this week's she describes her behavior as "absolutely beyond obsessed." Which led her to the operating room once again, on Nov. There are many things wrong with this scenario—beginning with Montag's sleazy husband filming her with a handheld camera while a doctor marked off her "problem areas." But here are the 11 things about Heidi's surgery obsession—and her interview with —that disturbed us the most. She Says God Is On Her Side How accommodating of God to hop down from the pearly throne and sign Heidi's plastic-surgery permission slip.

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