Dating fossils and artifacts

The fossils were determined to be 525 million-year-old paleovertebrate fossils by experts at the Field Museum of Chicago.A CBP officer discovered the fossils during a routine inspection at a Chicago airport mail facility.ICE was able to track the sale of the sarcophagus to a U. citizen, who was neither an art dealer nor a broker.Due to the absence of a credible provenance, the item was seized and returned to Egypt in accordance with its Cultural Patrimony Laws.An ancient Egyptian sarcophagus was returned to the Arab Republic of Egypt by ICE and CBP officials on March 10, 2010, at the National Geographic Society in Washington D. A CBP officer in Miami examined the wooden coffin for agricultural concerns during routine inspections of goods coming into the U. and was concerned that the coffin might require a permit.

The gallery owner ultimately surrendered the painting to ICE after he discovered it had been stolen.ICE works with experts to authenticate the items, determine their true ownership and return them to their countries of origin.ICE returned 11 oil paintings to the Pirmasen Municipal Museum in Germany. serviceman who had served in Pirmasens in 1945 turned a number of the paintings over to ICE.Chinese law prohibits their exportation without special permits.On May 12, 2010, ICE returned dozens of pre-Columbian and Mayan artifacts to the Embassy of El Salvador.

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