Dating for parents of special needs children

It is harder to find someone who is up for that challenge, but it is by no means impossible.

It does require that you make an investment of time and energy in yourself, though.

What happens if your ex is so pissed at you — and so used to not listening to you — that he or she takes your kids to get vaccinated the minute you’re not around?

Like I said, my ex and I get along very well, and he is a big supporter of what I do here, and even he got bullied into getting Bryce a DT shot in an ER last year. Yeah, that was my reaction, too.) And, though my ex is generally supportive, he doesn’t do supplements beyond enzymes, and I can pretty much count on him plying the kids with sugar every other weekend. If you have a partner that flatly refuses to listen to you, or take your concerns to heart, it’s a very real possibility that your child’s health will be in danger.

Some really proactive parents get started addressing the issues even before a “qualified professional” tells them what those issues are.

Often there is one parent who sees the issues and jumps on them, if not right away, then as soon as he or she can wrap his or her head around it, while the other parent may bury his or her head in the sand and deny there is anything to be done – the autism equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and singsonging loudly, “I can’t HEAR you!

My heart grieves for the children in these situations.

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Different people handle big events differently, and there’s no guarantee that you and your partner will handle things in a compatible way, starting with the diagnosis – if there is a diagnosis.I wasn’t sure why, but I got a hint later when he admitted that he was jealous of me, because I got to “save” Bryce.So maybe he was listening and it was really just a form of denial. Of course, not all marriages work this way, but it seems that a shocking number do go through some variation on this. In general, communication is tremendously important in a healthy relationship.The only times we saw big gains were immediately after we added a biomedical treatment.When he said things like that, it was clear he wasn’t listening to me at all.

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