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The handle and the casters on some models are also very similar to Fender.

Unlike Fenders, the Music Man amps never had those tilt-back legs that allow to tilt back the amp to adjust the speaker on the player`s ears instead on his knees.

Music Man amps look very much like a typical Fender combo amp from the 60ies or 70ies.

Like those black-face Fenders, they have a black control plate, a silver grill cloth to protect the speakers, and are covered with black tolex.

The first Music Man amp – a head called Sixty-five – had already most features of all later models.

In very short, these are: The Music Man amp range in 1977, from left to right, front: 112 Sixty-five ; 410 Sixty-five, second row: 212 HD 130 ; 112 Sixty-five, third row: 410 HD 130 ; 212 Sixty-five, back: Sixty-five ; HD 130 ; Sixty-five ; HD 130Fender amps were basically built for a clean sound.

The power tubes in a Music Man amp operate at up to 700 volts at the plate.The output section of the first Music Man amps used 6CA7 power tubes.A tube output section adds a certain warmth and subtle distortion to the clean sound.Originally there was one pre-amp tube – a 12AX7 – used for the phase inverter stage of the amp. This way a certain amount of tube distortion was added.In about 1977 this tube was replaced with a solid-state version.

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