Dating dark television show

The part was designed for John Wayne, who chose not to complicate his still-successful film career with commitment to a long-term television contract.

Wayne, who appeared on air to introduce the first episode of , suggested the younger actor for the lead role.

The tall, rugged-looking Arness, who until this time had played minor film roles, became synonymous with his character during the next twenty years.

Surrounding Dillon were characters who became one of television's best known "work-place families." Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake) owned and managed a local saloon, The Longbranch, and over the years developed a deep friendship with Dillon that always seemed to border on something more intimate.

But maybe it was a wise move for her as the guys in the house were a bit younger then her. Vanessa the 22 year old had dated Matt and Sam but in the end walked away.

However she fairly popular with 24 year old Matt, and also Carlos. Clearly Matt’s eyeball wasn’t very tasty when she was likcking it.

As the series progressed into its last seasons, it became highly self-conscious of its own history. , America's longest running television Western, aired on CBS from 1955-75. It remained in that position until 1961 and in the top twenty until 1964.In 1956, its second season on the air, the series entered the list of top ten programs on U. Following a shift in its programming time in 1967, "reunion" programs, presented as two-hour, made-for-television movies.Doc Adams (Milburn Stone) represented science, rationality and crusty wisdom.His medical skills were never questioned and he patched up everyone on the show, often more than once.

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