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Hey Doc, I’ve been reading your blog for about half a year now, as well as your new book on surviving relationships, and I gotta thank you for your pearls of wisdom, you’ve led me from not knowing the first thing about flirting to being in my first real relationship.

Which is where I’m at […] Hi Doc- I’ve written you before and found your advice to be quite helpful!

I used to have trouble speaking with the opposite sex, was shy in big groups, significantly overweight, had career trouble, and was anxious and depressed.

I find that my experience has given me so much of what I need to coach others.

I have a situational question today and would love your eyes on it.

I recently connected with someone I’ve met briefly in the past over a dating app and hit off the conversation with her. We set up a […] What is it that makes one person creepy and another person attractive? have a problem with disappearing and I think I need the Chair Leg of Truth.

I go away hugely enriched.”" ""We want to thank you so very much for the most wonderful week in paradise, both literally and metaphorically.

My passion is to help people cultivate love through their sexuality and use it to create greater connection, well-being and meaning in life. Well, no, I’m afraid that if one person is not happy then there is something wrong with the not with only one of the individuals in it.

To say your course is worth every penny is truly an understatement" "The videos were beautifully engaging.

You've condensed the essence of being a lover from the male perspective into an easy to follow course and I can only wish I had discovered this course ages ago and saved myself 15 years of trial & error with my wife!

I thought I'd learn all these new sex tricks, positions, etc that would blow my partner away and have her coming back and begging for more haha, but that was really not the focus of this program and also not really what I needed to hear and frankly shows my initial misunderstanding of sexuality to begin with.

Your program was SO much more than that, so refreshingly educational to me at 34 years of age.

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