Dating books for college girls

Reading Gloria's candid take on events you have probably read about in your textbooks, can give you the power to understand our history in a relatable fashion!

by Judy Blume: I saved this book for my grand finale because it left a huge impact on my 15-year-old self.

The amazing aspect of Kim's memoir is how strong she remains after experiencing a divorce from her partner, Thurston Moore, who she formed Sonic Youth with three decades ago.

Gordon's book is filled with stories of hope and constant reminders to embrace life even when it doesn't go as planned.

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Hearing Diana's voice through Morton's story is a refreshing remembrance to her legacy.

I would also definitely recommend if you are a fan of 90's era alternative music. Take a break from your studies and catch up with everyone's favorite princess of Genovia as she plans a royal wedding!

I always admired Mia for her incredible humor and how she spoke so honestly about the struggles of being a young adult ruler of a country!

Lindeen's tale is one of the bravest ones I've ever heard; her life as a guitar player is suddenly altered when she is unexpectedly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 24.

Laurie's story is filled with laugher, tears, music, and close friends as she learns to navigate through some of life's unexpected turns.

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