Dating after50

The Older Athlete Before going any further, let’s make one important point clear: First, exercise keeps you healthy and much younger than what is normal for our society.

Moreover, that exercise does not have to be highly intense to foster excellent health and allow you to lead a robust life as you get older.

While aging does inevitably take a toll on the performance of aging athletes, it’s small compared with the loss of functional performance that normal, inactive people experience due to disuse.

This is that stage of the life where companionship is more sought. Interestingly, scientists are still working on that question. They have theories, and there is ongoing research, but they don’t have solid answers. How does science explain the phenomenon we call “aging”?The first question in our plan is this: What physical performance changes are occurring as you become older?And I do mean To get started on this question, perhaps the most important discovery you can make is to determine what is holding you back — your specific weaknesses, or “limiters.” Many areas of your life could produce nurture limiters, such as the amount of time you have to train, your diet, how much sleep you get, your speed of recovery, and much more.

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