Dating a narcissistic man books

Partners of Narcissists Partners of narcissists feel betrayed that the considerate, attentive and romantic person they fell in love with disappeared as time went on.

They feel unseen and lonely, and long for emotional connection.

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Occasionally, they experience remembrances of the warmth and caring from the person with whom they first fell in love — often brilliant, creative, talented, successful, handsome or beautiful.

As a result, their children learn to adapt, become codependent.

They bear the responsibility for meeting the parent’s emotional needs, rather than vice versa.

Malignant narcissists are maliciously hostile and inflict pain without remorse, but most narcissists don’t even realize they’ve injured those closest to them, because they lack empathy.

They’re more concerned with averting perceived threats and getting their needs met.

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Actually, a degree of healthy narcissism makes a well-balanced, strong personality.

They may be driven to prove themselves in order to win their parents’ approval, but find little motivation to pursue their wants and goals when not externally imposed (e.g., by a partner, employer, teacher).

Although they may be unaware of what was missing in their childhood, fear of abandonment and intimacy continues to permeate their adult relationships.

These parents expect excellence and obedience, and can be competitive, envious, critical, domineering, or needy.

Although their personalities differ, the common factor is that their feelings and needs, particularly emotional needs, come first.

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