Dating a more educated woman

But when you compare the couples based on the age they moved in together (either before or right after marriage), there is no higher risk of divorce for living together before marriage.

These findings suggest that it might be your age—not your relationship status—that makes you a good candidate for shacking up.

While it's definitely a personal decision, make sure to consider these things before shacking up.

In fact, research shows that rushing to have a baby isn't the best option for your relationship or your future.There’s nothing more annoying than a nosy friend or relative asking when you’re going to get engaged, shack up, tie the knot, or start popping out some kids.At times it’s hard not to feel like you’re on some stereotypical timeline that you can’t adjust or rearrange as you see fit.Putting off marriage until after you've received a college degree makes you less likely to divorce than less-educated couples, according to a 2013 study.So it seems that marrying later in life—at least after college—may be beneficial.

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