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He holds a master's degree in applied computer science and several certifications.

He currently teaches information technology at the university level.

Software engineering can be very stressful, especially when tight deadlines are involved, which is often.

Engineers also meet with demanding users and must be able to communicate reasonably and personably with these difficult customers.

One of them — in a very drunk manner, I must repeat — even impolitely took my hand and put it around her waist to ensure that I would stop typing and talk to them.Both tracks are expected to grow faster than the average for all U. jobs between 20, with an estimated growth rate of about 32 percent. The typical work environment is clean and well lighted.Many software engineers work in cubicle arrangements, the typical arrangement for software developers of all kinds.Computer software engineers write computer programs that instruct computers what to do.Software engineers may be application or system developers.

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