Dating a bald man

And you usually have to take Propecia the rest of your life, which can have some bad side effects.

I decided that I was going to get transplants when I was about 20, but wasn't able to afford it at the time.

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New people I meet always think I'm much older than I am (they probably think I'm in my 40's).I've looked into hair transplants, but I don't have enough permanent hair in the "donor area" to fill in all of the front, so it is not a possibility for me. If you have plenty else going then it is not a big deal. You are persistent to have been online dating for three years with so little response.I'm wondering what the ladies think...big of a deal is it to date a bald guy, who is only 28? I am not sure what the ratio is here at POF but I am sure its pretty bad. If you really have all that you say you have, you surely would have found someone by now. If you get little response it is just the nature of dating sites and men are outnumbering women hugely. You will one day realise it is not really the way to go perhaps and you do need to look at other options.I realize that may not be an easy attitude adjustment to make, but shaving will probably help a lot. He won over 11 podium finishes in Western ski competitions in ballet and freestyle skiing. When people claim they can't get dates because of x, y, or z I doubt them. or maybe cute, baby faced, witty or whatever, And, you can get a date, there are those who will date you, but you turn up your nose on those who will have you, a universal conundrum. I learned about saying no to baldness, smokers, certain ethnic groups...sometimes you just find folks are not their stats and they have qualities you'd never expect, not that I like smoke.When I was your age, virtually the only people who shaved their heads were neo-Nazis and radical lesbians. I doubt people view you as just bald, average height guy. You might be open to dating someone you normally wouldn't.

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