Dating a 17yr old

I know theres people that have done it and lived a decent life, but I rather not inherit all the drama that may come with it like baby daddy issues and such.

Where I work at Costco, the median age range is 18-30, and I swear all but maybe 3 girls there are pregnant or have a kid, heck theres one girl who just turned 21 and has TWO kids! I'm not sure if I just live in a bad city or that "normal" for people my age.

If it was a 19 year old and a 23 year old I think that's a little bit more realistic, but it's hard to say since I don't know you two.

And I don't mean that in a bad way, but you can never judge til you are in someone else's shoes.

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and very little difference of a 37 yr old dating a 33 yr old. She's a teenager, your a legal (drinking age) adult.

This is one of those cases where I think age does matter.

Well he did so that a lot of the girls his own age he's meeting have kids already.

I think if her parents allow it, then I don't think it's bad. Her parents loved me, but I ended up breaking it up after 9 months.

She apparently was raped by a friend years before she met me, and was still suffering some major trauma.

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