Comcast internet validating identity

When the subroutine is finished, the stack gets popped and the previous execution flow gets restored.

One of the earliest types of attacks against programming mistakes was called ‘stack smashing’ (seminal paper here: Aleph One).

Ok, while I can assume people have solid IT fundamentals, I need to define a Computer Science fundamental, namely the concept of a stack.

A stack is a conceptual (or abstract) data structure where the last element in is the first element out (LIFO).

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Where possible, I have provided two perspectives from people with different experiences with the subject matter.

You put stuff into a stack by “pushing” it and you pull stuff out by “popping” them.

The wikipedia page for a stack ( ) is a good read.

(Assume an audience with solid IT fundamentals) Caveat: This is a very technical question and in order to answer it in an easy to understand manner, I have to provide some background and gloss over a lot of very pertinent details.

My goal is to provide a GIST and context, not a dissertation ;-).

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