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Research has shown that my dad was a survivor of the SS Brask (Norwegian).

For the initiative he displayed when his ship was torpedoed he was awarded "The Grand Order of St. I have a news press clipping from a London newspaper from that time and some photos of him on board British destroyers (corvettes? He was torpedoed twice mid Atlantic in mid-winter and was the only survivor on both occasions having allegedly floated alone in a life raft for 14 days before being picked up by a Norwegian freighter off the coast of Greenland.

With almost all the temples built during historic and medieval times, a trip to these temples provides you with a deep insight into brilliant architectural, sculptural and artistic skills of the engineers, architects and artisans of the bygone times.

These temples also showcase the opulent and lavish tastes of the erstwhile royal kings, be it Pallavas, Cholas or Nayakas.

Besides gopurams, intricately carved figures and scenes depicted from Indian mythology in the halls add to the artistic charm of the temple.

Scenes of ocean of milk being churned by devas and asuras, nine heads Ravana playing veena, Rishi Markandya hugging Shivlingam and wedding ceremony of Sundareshwarar & Meenakshi; are few of the sculptures worth noticing when you are inside the temple premises.

Active Service period October 1944 to April 1945 in Kyouk (or Kyauk) Pyu and Ramree Island, Arakan Coast (off Burma). Served as Assistant Flotilla Engineer and Advance Base Engineer Officer.

(His Father was a PO Engineer in the Dover Patrol in the First World War and saw action in the Zeebrugge and Ostend raids for which he was Mentioned in Despatches). ).1960), who was earlier (1941) married to James G. Spicer; one son, two daughters (one of which died in infancy). I.) , seniority (reld ; on joining the RINVR)Son of Robert Ellesmere Dunbar (1876-), and Lena Helen Maybel Robertson. Married 3rd (1934, Perth, Western Australia) Nancy Slingsby Davies; ... Developement Manager for perfume and food flavouring company. Apparently mentioned in despatches thrice, but not gazetted. ).1912 - ), daughter of Herbert Cecil Malleson (1881-1935), dental surgeon, and Henrietta Frances Vandermin (1884-1957); ... Married 1st (, Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland) Elizabeth Mc Lellan Jamieson ( - ), daughter (with fopur sisters) of Thomas Jamieson (1874-1944), and Margaret Mc Lellan (1874-1934). ).1953, Reading district, Berkshire) Margaret Rene Rogers ( - ); one daughter. Returned to Bombay end October 1945 with Flotilla for decommissioning at Trombay."Worked as Industrial Chemist in Bombay until 1955, after which he emigrated to Australia. Engaged (1956) Brenda "Barucha" Abulafia, eldest daughter of Mr & Mrs Albert Abulafia, of London NW2; one adopted son. Collins, The Royal Indian Navy, 1939-1945 (1964) shows an officers' list for Coastal Forces for the Burma operations [without exact dating, though] where he is shown under HMI HDML 1111 (122nd HDML Flotilla). ).1939, Hampstead, London) Lucy Joan Malleson ((12? The German captain was an honourable man having given the passengers time to board lifeboats before sinking the steamer (S. Britannia)." Son (with one sister and one brother) of Gordon Drysdale Monteath (1878-1945), and Sarah Duncan Morrison Campbell (1875-1964). My father fought in The Battle of the Atlantic and for a time was an officer in the Mercantile Marine and in the service of the Norwegian Government.President: Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, 1967-1968; British and S Asian Trade Association, 1978-1983. Married (, All Saints' Church, Banstead, Surrey) Elizabeth Elsie Cameron Stokes ( - ), daughter of Percy C.

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