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Other characters have a strong affinity toward them and will even go as far as to adopt some of their mannerisms or have felines flock to their location.

Characters who follow this trope aren't necessarily good guys, but the kind gestures they make are a way of showing that they aren't all bad — in other words, a scene where they're petting a cat is an example of Pet the Dog.

Our objective is to provide owners and breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks with opportunities for sportsmanlike competitions, educational activities, fun doggie activities, and for socializing with other sponsors many events throughout the year, including several lure coursing field trials, an AKC sanctioned Regional Specialty Show, fun days, puppy fun matches, as well as lectures on a variety of dog related topics during regularly scheduled meetings.

The more benevolent version of Crazy Cat Lady and Right-Hand Cat.

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The woods with its chipmunks-squirrel, foxes turkey, deer and BEAR Alfie went to work with me and we always took him wherever went-he always fit in.He worked as a freelance cartoonist and sold his work to major magazines before approaching King Features with his ideas for ).Grace, along with King Features Syndicate, celebrated the successful launch of his comic strip in 1987. Sid wanted a pet he could relate to, so he got Earl, his beloved piranha and mascot of the Piranha Club.She does all those little things that drive you nuts. They’re all here, and they’re all nuts, including the guy who draws it.creator Bud Grace did.Sid can often be found hanging out with his money-grubbing pals at the They’d be dangerous if they weren’t so incompetent. Pork can be found there, too, when he’s not in his office misdiagnosing dandruff, or sitting in the cannibal stew pot on the Island of Bongo-Bongo or being clobbered senseless by Mother Packer. Grace, who has a doctorate in physics from Florida State University, became a successful cartoonist and book author against tremendous odds.

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