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"But then he clicked next on us." In hindsight, that was probably for the best. I prolly only ever came across one set of titties the X amount of time I was on that bit everything else was weird ass niggas with their meat all up in the camera smh — J. S (@_Inmyblacktee) January 11, 2018 When I asked one girl, Cassie, how he even did it, she only shared that it was done "very skillfully." While we can't share the image (we don't want to scar you for life), let's just say he could definitely replace Simone Biles in gymnastics with that level of flexibility.In one of my gal groups, I spoke to a girl who offered up her crazy experience with people on drugs. "One guy in particular kept saying his carpet was growing, and would freak out every few minutes over it." I think she just sold me on trying acid. "The guy jizzed all over his own face and it was extremely gross," she added. When users load up Chatroulette now, they will find a very basic home page with no guide to help them maneuver around the revised site. For one, if someone doesn't have a Webcam, Chatroulette isn't working.In fact, the person won't be able to view anything.Fine, it was designed for strangers to "make friends" — which, as we all know, just means B A L L S A C K S A B O U N D.So I asked now-adult girls for the most insane things that happened to them while as teens on Chat Roulette.


For the client-server communication take a look at the chat-roulette-python repository readme, it contains brief protocol overview.

Chatroulette has opened new channels of communication for web surfers everywhere, giving people the opportunity to meet and interact with total strangers from around the globe at the click of a button.

While some people have taken this opportunity to strip down to their skivvies and get a little too comfortable with their fellow Chatrouletters, many users have chosen to get a little more creative with the unique opportunity that Chatroulette affords. A series of Chatroulette piano improv videos uploaded by a mysterious piano player who calls himself Merton took You Tube by storm when they were added to the site at the end of March.

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