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He again brought her to the edge of an orgasm and she cried out as she had been told. She thrashed in her bonds, head reeling and her mouth trying to form words. Lisa Reynolds was not here, replaced by a lust-driven animal, concerned only with her own pleasure. "Master, I am interested in any position you want me in! Once in jeopardy of going to prison for being a thief, she had now secured a position as his personal secretary and as his beloved slut. Amy sat down, confused and more than a little scared. "Well, no sense in her suffering because of your mistake," he said. We have made this contract in order to give you one more opportunity to make a bad situation better. The compositions and contents herein are not to be copied, reproduced, printed, published, posted, displayed, incorporated, stored in or scanned into a retrieval system or database, transmitted, broadcast, bartered or sold, in whole or in part without the prior express written permission of the sole author.

Wave after wave crashed over her until finally at last the storm was over and Lisa lay there in the chair, covered in a sheen of sweat and panting, trying to fill her oxygen-starved lungs with precious life-giving air. As she lay there still panting for breath, he shoved his fingers into her again. With the hand that had been on her mound, he slapped her inner thigh sharply, once on each thigh, as he fingered her. She howled and squirmed as his hand continued to torment her even through her orgasm. " He sat back in his chair, pleased with himself as he watched his new "secretary's" excitement. " Lisa came around to his chair, climbed up in his lap straddling his legs and facing him. " "Yes, she is doing well in the home." "Yes, Lisa said that you have taken care of her. I know you didn't have to," Amy said lowering her head. I have also conferred with the judge in this case and the prison warden. A few minutes later, the same guard came back to get Amy. The warden wants to see you first, though." Amy gathered up her few belongings and followed the guard to the warden's office. I understand you have seen the Contract and signed it? Copyright © © Copyright 2013-2018 by Master_Jonathan All rights reserved, including all copyrights and all other intellectual property rights in the contents hereof.

Her hands clenched and opened as she tried making sense of what was happening and her eyes rolled back in her head. She arched and twisted in her bonds, trying everything to either relieve the stress or fall over the edge and cum, but nothing helped. " she screamed as the floodgates of her pussy opened up. I would love to be your personal secretary - or anything else you want! He headed for the door and just as he reached for the button to signal the guard, Amy spoke up. "Well, she has done a good job and I am pleased with how she has taken to her new duties. I trust I won't be seeing you back here anytime soon." "Thank you, warden," she said. Roberts and Amy left the office, processed out at the front desk and were taken out of the prison yard by another guard. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

So she pressed on with her work and looked forward to her afternoon meeting with Mr. Once she was satisfied that she was properly adorned, she went back to the office and to Mr. Like she had done at lunchtime, she softly knocked and upon being told to, entered the office. Roberts stood up and walked around his desk as Lisa had knocked and was sitting on the edge of his desk as she entered. Another jolt of electricity and she could feel her wetness beginning. Now then, are you ready for this evening's entertainment? Have a seat in this chair." She sat down in the sturdy wooden chair that he had indicated.

It was new to the room, she had taken notice of it when she had first come in and now she would find out its purpose. He began by using his thumb to strum her engorged, throbbing clit and running his fingers up and down her wet slit, just inside her outer lips.

She tried hard to concentrate on her work that day, still wanting very much to do a good job. Lisa jumped at the chance to see him and hurried in to see what he needed from her. Please come in and close the door." Lisa came in and approached is desk. I am sure you noticed her desk has been cleaned out." "Yes, sir." "Well the police came to see her Sunday and she has been arrested and is sitting in jail at this moment. His other hand on her mound, massaging it and holding her down, his manipulations very quickly brought her to the edge. Finally the longest morning in Lisa's life was over and lunchtime had arrived. Roberts, may I see you for a moment before I go to lunch? I have never known anyone who treated me like you treat me yet makes me feel more alive and more vital than you have. I was going to wait till this afternoon but this announcement from you has brought it to light a bit earlier," he said. " "Well, let me address your proposition first off.

But seeing Amy's vacant desk brought thoughts of what Mr. She wondered what was happening with her fellow co-worker and accomplice. Her heart raced as she stood in front of his closed door, straightening her dress and fluffing her hair a bit. "Please have a seat." Lisa sat down in the chair he indicated, making sure he could see her well. I am also very impressed with your looks today, my slut. Her first hearing will be tomorrow where she will be formally charged with stealing from me. After speaking to my attorney, he has assured me that with the documented evidence we have, she will most likely get a lengthy sentence - he said it's a pretty airtight case." A tear started down Lisa's cheek and she began visibly trembling at the news. And when you showed Amy's mother the kindness you did by offering to take care of her - Master that touched me like nothing else has ever touched me." "I see." "Master you are kind, and yet demanding. I am honored that you wish to become my slut permanently, but are you sure you know what you are asking?

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