Cccam not updating

Located on the right hand side just under half way up on the remote.

If you are in EPG use this button or - to go forward & back days through the EPG listings.

cccam not updating-82cccam not updating-53

8: if channel still doesnt clear, reboot box and router by unplugging both from power and plugging back in (router first) 9: if you cant see this option go to network and press 0000 or 6666 or 8888 or 2778 this should bring up hiden menu.All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only .Right, so I should run Scam3.59 for a while then go back to Cccam?10: for those who didnt create a on their usb, you can add it manually..We have developed and built one of the most advanced cccam server networks in the world, primarily intended for Dreambox, but not limited to.

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