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Young lads in the Bristol area — prepare yourselves.

In all fairness, there’s like a 75% chance that Carol Vorderman‘s camp flask was filled with youth elixir and anti-aging cream as opposed to water. Well, as you may be aware, there has been some talk surrounding Carol becoming the ‘rear’ on an ‘online cougar dating website’.

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Carol, 56, explained how she had qualified as a pilot and could even be seen flying in a small plane in the special clip.

She is known for her enviably youthful appearance, and never fails to look glamorous when on the red carpet.

But Carol Vorderman chose to wrap up warm on Sunday, as she enjoyed a low-key day out in chilly Bristol.

Has the queen of Countdown So, now that Carol has found herself back in the real world after leaving the I’m a Celeb jungle, how will she fill all her spare hours?!

had claimed that Carol had been offered a pretty hefty sum to become the spokeswoman for an online dating site aimed specifically at ‘cougars’- a phrase which is basically referring to mature women who prefer to date younger men.

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