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They are an opportunity for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you.Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, a Miami Beach commissioner and congressional candidate, reacted to this weekend’s shooting in South Beach by blasting the city’s police chief in a strongly worded email obtained by the Miami Herald.“I don’t think our officers are bad guys,” she said.I don’t think they believe in their chief.” She said she doesn’t believe she has support to remove Oates as chief, but she questioned his leadership. About 50 cottages have been built on the different islands, some of them being very handsome. One of its acts was to vote " That for a minister to enter into another minister's parish, and preach or administer the Seals of the Covenant, without the consent of or in opposition to the settled minister of the parish is disorderly. This house has since been enlarged and steamboats make two trips a day between this point and Nev.' Haven when the season is fairly under wa}-. He had been heard to say, ' That the read- ing of the Scriptures, without the Spirit's aid, will no more convert a sinner than reading an old almanack.' He was a devoted minister, but he was too spiritual for his church. Lee, of Salisbury; Leaven- worth, of Waterbury, and Todd, of Northbury, were also expelled for similar faults. Robbins' turn came next." The opportunity for prosecuting him presented itself very soon in the violation of the rules of the Consociation, adopted at Guilford, the latter part of 1741. — Town Buildings.— Branford Borough.— Probate District. It is very probable, however, that Kidd's real rendezvous was at Gardner's island, 35 miles to the east- ward, and that he may have barely visited this place. ' One special cause of complaint grew up from the desire of many people in various towns to have the ' new lights ' ministers preach for them. Xot long after this a division of the common lands of the town was made, when the name of " Kidd's Harbour " was ap- plied to one of these localities. " At this time Reverend Jonathan Merick was the minister at North Branford, and Reverend Warham Williams was minister at Northford, Reverend Thomas Ruggles. "■•■■■ At this time the "great revival preacher, George Whitfield, had been making his remarkable tour through our country. Many Connecticut ministers were espec- ially hostile. Robbins favored him, and so, with a few others, bore the stigma of ' new lights.' They were looked upon with great dis- favor by the other pastors.

Most of them are occupied from May till October, but in July and August this sec- tion is most populous. Notwithstanding, if a considerable number of people in the parish are desirous to hear an- other minister preach, provided the same be orthodox and .sound in the Faith, and not notoriously faulty in censuring other persons, or guilty of any other scandal.For me, dancing with a bunch of fun people while working up a light sweat does the trick.Following a fatal shooting during an argument over a parking space in South Beach, Miami Beach police shot and killed one of four people in the vehicle that the shooting suspect rode in.Tuesday, Rosen Gonzalez fired off an email to City Manager Jimmy Morales in which she questioned Police Chief Dan Oates’ leadership, suggested the city stop its body camera program and “give the cops back their bullets.” The full text of the email: Rosen Gonzalez, a first-term city commissioner and Democrat, is running for the 27th Congressional District.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen announced her intention to retire at the end of her term.

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