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HTMLEncode all form input when your Web page accesses the input. However, more information can be found by reading chapter 12 of Writing Secure Code, and using Checklist: ASP Security when you create your ASP applications.

Another method is to write a short function that tests form input for invalid characters. In this lesson, you create an HTML page that accepts user input in an HTML form and sends the user input back to the Web server to the same page. Later in this module, you use this knowledge about forms to build a guest book application that uses ASP scripting.

Detailing the complete set of HTML form tags is outside the scope of this topic, however, there are numerous sources of information that you can use to learn about creating useful and engaging HTML forms.

Notice that the If form validation requires database access, however, you should consider using server-side form validation.

To complete this lesson, you perform the following tasks: Forms can contain many different kinds of elements to help your users enter data.

In this example, there are five input form elements called buttons.

By using the ASP Request Object object, you can create simple, yet powerful scripts for collecting and processing data gathered with HTML forms.

In this topic, you will not only learn how to create basic form processing scripts, but also acquire useful techniques for validating form information, both on your Web server and at the user's browser.

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