Bt broadband usage monitor not updating

Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine how much bandwidth the PS4 uses during online gameplay.The games used for this experiment were Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and FIFA 14. Method All devices connected to the router were in sleep mode or powered down in order to isolate data usage from the PS4.Data collection began after the map had been loaded and the gameplay was underway.Data Figure 1 Baseline Internet traffic test with no devices using the Internet and the PS4 turned off Figure 2 results from computer Figure 2a Speed test results from PS4Figure 3 shows a ten-minute snapshot of the bandwidth used by the PS4 during a game of Battlefield 4.

Broadband Usage Meter doesn't slow down the machine at all and works like a breeze on Windows 7, even without administrator privileges.All in all, Broadband Usage Meter is a pretty useful piece of software, especially for broadband users who need to keep an eye on their Internet connection.Of course, there are many things to be improved, including the customization level; additional options for the starts appearance and behavior is a must.Although most users expect a complicated app with tons of features, Broadband Usage Meter is actually pretty easy to use - the ace up its sleeve is the way it shows the collected information.The application calculates broadband usage and displays the result straight on the desktop in a very simple yet effective way.

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