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I think almond milk is a lot more mild tasting than soy milk. Reply When my son was a baby and made the switch to cow’s milk he started to get eczema.

Whenever I use soy in anything, it always over powers the other ingredients. Since he was fine with protein but didn’t like dark leafy greens, I switched to unsweetened almond milk (Blue Diamond) as it has the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk. Now I drink that instead as well, as does my little one, who’s 2. ;) Reply We made the switch to non-dairy products a few years ago.

Some doctors have stated that carrageenan can lead to ulcers, colitis and even cancer.

With me already suffering from IBS, we decided to make the switch to the rice milk. Reply Sarah, thanks so much for this info about carrageenan!

He’s now 7 and just starting to enjoy soy milk in his cereal, his preference over the other alternatives, our soy milk of choice is “So Nice organic, plain or original”.

My husband is a big milk drinker though and he actually loves the taste of almond milk.It’s a thickening agent that has been linked to a lot of stomach problems including major discomfort for some.There is apparently one brand of Almond Milk sold at Whole Foods that have yet to add the ingredient, but we don’t live close to a Whole Foods, so we switched to rice milk instead.If you’re Canadian, I’ve seen it in Loblaws stores (natural foods, refrigerated) and Costco.Reply Our son just isn’t a milk drinker – neither cow’s milk or milk alternatives. He had breast milk from me/in a bottle for about 15 months.

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