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He and his wife, Shannon, have two children, Emma Grace and Joshua Quinn.

This is a great book for singles but also couples who are not yet married.

Considering how many problems have arisen out of the courtship system Josh Harris advocates in , and considering how he recently stood up in front of Covenant Life Church and quasi-apologized for helping to create an environment where godly living was “reduced to one practice,” it’s rather interesting that this book is being re-published so it can influence another generation of young people.

favorites have made an appearance on the Disney Channel spin-off and even more are set to appear in the upcoming season, including everyone's fave hottie teacher!

On his blog, he sought reader input for which cover he should choose for the new version.

Apparently, this new version will also be edited to remove some of the stories Josh Harris used as anecdotal evidence for how well courtship works…since at least two of the featured couples have either divorced or are in the process of divorcing.

Anthony revealed there were a few different ways Mr.

Turner could make his way back into Cory and Shawn's lives.

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I first read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by the same author and found this book to be a great sequel to his first book.

Since then, I've received letters asking questions like, So, what comes between friendship and marriage?

and, How can you know when you are ready for marriage? Now as a happily married man I can look back on my courtship with Shannon and see from personal experience that God is faithful.

Yep, Anthony Tyler Quinn, who is set to reprise his role as beloved teacher, Mr.

Jonathan Turner in season 2 of in seasons 2, 3 and 4 as Cory and Shawn's motorcycle-riding teacher Mr.

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