Boarding school bi sex chats

Brock Fedderman, a huge, muscle-head, practically made me drool, but he was so intimidating I wouldn't even think of trying anything with him.

There was Ben Carter, too, with his lean, tight physique, that made my heart pound when I saw him in the showers.

I had no idea how or where or what, but I had to say or do something. I was so damned excited that I had the green light, but there was no place to go.

We were coming out the double doors from Bradley Hall after the last class of the day, heading for the dorm. I wracked my brain for days trying to think of a place. Seeing Chad now in the shower, or running around in his shorts in the dorm, in gym class, or in the weight room; hell, just sitting in the classroom, it was tearing me up, knowing he was eager and willing for the same thing I was but I couldn't do anything.

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It was all very confusing because I had only recently discovered the true meaning of the deep-seated feelings that had haunted me for so long, and had finally faced those feelings head on. Having admitted it to myself, the problem was what to do about it, whether to act on it, and how.Simply being gay, and admitting it, wasn't enough; not when you're housed with sixty other boys.My attraction extended beyond Chad; in fact, well before his arrival at school.His thin, embarrassed smile sort of clinched it for me. Chad seemed a little shy, and unaware of his physical attributes.I wasn't exactly an extrovert myself so we didn't get acquainted right off the start.

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